We offer all public relations services.

Issue Positioning

We provide 360 analysis on how your legislative issue can be positioned. We then develop messaging for your use.

social media Programming

We develop social media content for your marketing and position advocacy communications.

Go to Media Training

Media Training

Prepare for your make-or-break interviews with reporters and bloggers.

Go to Crisis Comms

Crisis Comms

We drive right through your storm clouds. Call on us to guide you through the worst.

Go to Writing


Gain third-party perspective for writing your 1-pagers, newspaper op-eds, and technical papers.

Go to Media Relations

Media Relations

Talking with reporters is our thing. We serve as spox so you don’t have to.

Public Information Act Response

We help you put your best foot forward with that first impression. Don’t underestimate this opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons.


New company, new service, new branding. We develop, plan, execute and become your marketing department

The 2023 Legislative Session is right around the corner. Our focus is on influencing content from the interim charges.

What do we do?

Compete on price. And nail it.

G3 Public Relations was formed to compete against big agencies. You don't need five of our people in your meeting to run up our billable hours. You need qualified, experienced people fulfilling your public affairs, public relations and marketing needs. Not the grey-haired name who oversees a stable of interns. You need the direct attention of our senior advisers who know what to do and when to do it. Not more not less.


Service. Experience. Affordability.

Tara Baudoin

Louisiana General Manager
Tara helps G3 PR offer services to companies in Louisiana. Her graphic design and marketing expertise are exceptional.

Christopher Pavlik

Art Director
“Pav” has operated since 1988 as an independent concept development resource, providing creative services to companies ranging in size from local proprietorships to internationally-recognized firms and organizations. He is a self-taught practitioner who strives to bring a characteristically dramatic, dimensional, and surreal air to most everything he creates, whatever the subject matter—works that truly speak and sell through “word of eye.”

Alex Safos

Immersion Branding Manager
Alex designs, manages, and delivers exceptional, authentic, and specialized experiences which support your brand for your clients. Unique.

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